Behind the Brand - I Thought of You

Behind the Brand - I Thought of You

I Thought of You
Booth: 730 |


How long have you been in business and what does your company specialize in?
I Thought of You launched 5 years ago and specializes in eco-friendly apparel and accessories for men + women.

What is your most popular product to date?
Our sunglasses handmade from real wood are a comfortable, stylish and functional pick for men and women.

What is new for your company?
We'll be unveiling our new line of convertible apparel at this winter show. See how one piece can transform into 18+ looks at One size fits XS-3XL so customers will always have easy access to what fits.

What type of trends are you seeing in the industry?
Customers want to know the story behind how their products are made, they want to ensure workers are treated fairly, and they prefer eco-friendly products at a great price.

How have your customers' needs changed as of late?
Pieces that provide both fashion and function have been trending with our sales.

How long have you exhibited with the Philadelphia Gift Show?
This is our first time attending the show.

What would you say to someone considering attending the Philadelphia Gift Show?
We'll have a rotating demonstration of our convertible apparel at booth 730, stop by to see how it works and try it on for yourself. One size fits XS-3XL so retailers don't have to guess when stocking size options.